saffron and Properties of saffron is obtained from the dried stigmas of the saffron flower. These stigmas are red in color, but when we remove them from the plant and dry them, they turn yellow, which is very suitable for adding flavor and color to food.

This plant has been one of the most expensive herbs in the world. The original origin of saffron belongs to Greece, but now it grows mostly in Iran. Of course, it can be found in countries like Italy, Spain and France and in some parts of India.

The reason for the high price of saffron

Due to the difficulty of harvesting and the need for manpower, the price of saffron has increased, so that 1 pound of it can be equal to 500 to 5 thousand dollars. Saffron has a bitter taste with a strong aroma. In Iran, saffron is used to flavor food. But in Greece, just as it was used in food, its medicinal properties were also used. In this article, we explained about these medicinal properties, so stay tuned.

medical benefits of saffron

Antioxidant in saffron

A property of saffron plant that needs to be mentioned is that it is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants provide the best help to the body to fight free radicals and regenerate damaged cells.

Factors such as air pollution and the products used in our food today cause the daily production of free radicals in our body. By increasing the amount of free radicals in the body, the risk of contracting diseases such as cancer, heart and blood vessels, etc. increases. Antioxidants in saffron help us protect the body against such diseases.

saffron medical benefits

Properties of saffron  for mood

The research conducted on saffron in relation to the mood has shown that this plant has supplements that reduce the level of depression in people to a certain extent. This research has also shown that taking 30 mg of saffron per day is equivalent to taking drugs such as fluoxetine, citalopram and imipramine for depression.

Although the above studies have shown the properties of saffron for depression, more research is still needed to fully confirm these theories, but this does not change the fact that saffron can have a positive effect on our mood.

saffron medical benefits

Enhance libido in women

The research that has been done on the properties of saffron on women has paid attention to the fact that the use of antidepressants affects their libido and reduces it. But by consuming 30 mg of saffron daily for a few weeks, it has increased the sexual desire in women and also reduced the problems related to infertility.

Properties of saffron Reducing stress during menstruation

Another medicinal property of saffron that can be mentioned is that it reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome such as stress. In those who suffer from premenstrual syndrome, the stress production hormone called cortisol is more than normal in their body, and this causes them to experience severe stress.

Eating and smelling saffron can reduce the amount of cortisol hormone in the body of women and reduce the amount of stress in women. So this plant can play a potential role in reducing premenstrual syndrome.

saffron medical benefits

Properties of saffron in Improvement of erectile dysfunction in men

Saffron can be counted in the category of foods that increase libido. Research conducted on saffron has shown that this plant increases libido in men.

Daily consumption of 30 mg of saffron for several consecutive weeks not only reduces the problem of erection in men but also improves it. It also increases the level of sexual desire in men.

Properties of saffron on men’s sperm

some Researches has been done on the Properties of saffron on men’s sperm. As a result of these studies, it has been shown that the antioxidants present in saffron contribute to sperm motility in men. But it does not change much in their number.