Most of the time we are looking for a way to give better flavor to our food. For this operation, we try to achieve this result with the latest cooking methods. Spices can help us a lot in this matter. And what better spice than saffron, which doubles the taste of our food with its aroma and taste. Of course, the price of this plant is a bit expensive, but it is totally worth it.

In this article, we tried to collect a list of foods that saffron can improve their taste and smell for you, so stay tuned.

saffron spice

barberry with rice and saffron spice

One of the famous dishes among Iranian families is barberry with rice and saffron spice, this dish has a good taste by itself. But by using saffron on it, you can add to its taste, also you can use other ingredients such as dried fruits, vegetables and cashews to decorate the food to add to its beauty and taste.

Pan-roasted chicken with saffron spice

To prepare this type of food, you must first chop the chicken and then put it in a pan with salt and pepper, but without oil, you must give the chicken time to cook with its own steam. Now that the chicken is cooked, add saffron spice and a bit of butter, and fry it. And then enjoy your delicious meal.

saffron spice

Koobideh kebab with saffron spice

Koobideh kebab is one of the most famous and popular Iranian dishes. This Iranian dish has different recipes, one of which is Koobideh kebab with saffron spice. This model of Koobideh kebab has become a popular dish among tourists who come to Iran due to its very good taste and aroma.

Saffron Gheeme stew

Gheeme stew is one of the oldest and most authentic Iranian stews. Cooking gheeme stew with saffron spice takes a lot of time to get a delicious taste out of it. Its ingredients are:
  •  Veal or mutton
  • Cotyledons 
  • Omani lemon 
  • Cinnamon Brewed saffron spice 
  • Sugar Salt, pepper and turmeric
  • One onion
  •  potato

saffron spice

tah dig with saffron spice

This type of tah dig multiplies the taste of rice with its delicious taste and aroma. Its ingredients are taken from rice itself, water and powdered saffron. The tah dig with saffron spice is considered one of the most delicious Iranian appetizers and is a favorite of most people.

Vegetables and rice with fish and saffron

There are people who like seafood, including fish. A traditional Iranian dish that happens to be prepared by most families on the eve of Nowruz is Vegetables and rice with fish. You can add saffron to the fish before it is fried or add infused saffron to the fish flavoring. This act greatly improves the taste and aroma of the fish.

saffron spice

techin with saffron

This dish is considered to be one of the most popular Iranian dishes. In fact, techin can not even be considered techin without the use of saffron. Saffron gives this dish a unique taste and smell, which, in addition to its exemplary color, that catches everyone’s eye. A cook who can create such a beautiful bond and use these ingredients correctly is really a genius.